Ed Plumacher

co-founder, co-president & director
Ed Plumacher has Retinitis Pigmentosa and Nystagmus, and is a legally blind professional living on Long Island and working in New York City. After a severe deterioration of vision related to his RP, Ed needed a couple of years to adjust and acclimate to his advanced vision loss, limited independent access to travel, reading and mobility. Extensive mobility training and the integration of assistive technologies with his new found lifestyle, significantly improved his physical wellness and emotional outlook. Technology has been key in restoring Mr. Plumacher’s functionality and overall productivity. Now with improved mobility and independent access to print, he has acquired the skill set necessary to once again achieve his goals.

Ed Plumacher is the president of the Long Island Chapter, Foundation Fighting Blindness. Along with Mark Ramnauth, he is also co-founder and co-president of AccessQuest, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity organization that provides accessible solutions for people with disabilities. Ed offers AccessQuest a vast array of experience in domestic and international business development, management, and marketing. In addition to his volunteer work, Ed works full-time as the Director of Vision Services for APEX Rehabilitation Management in New York City.

As the founder and former CEO of QuesTec, he was responsible for the design, development, implementation and management of the company’s technology in converging digital media. QuesTec created computer-generated, real-time virtual replays and in-game digital analysis content for live professional sporting events covered on TV and the Internet. The company’s proprietary technology has been used to enhance and promote major global sporting events for MLB, NFL, ATP and the PGA, for productions of the World Series, Super Bowl, World Cup Golf and the ATP Masters Series.

Ed Plumacher forged strategic alliances and customer relationships with Silicon Graphics, L3 Communications, Titan Industries, IBM, NBC, FOX Sports, FOX SportsNet, CBS Sportsline and Major League Baseball. He also developed strategic partnerships with Live Motion Company of Germany for the development and distribution of TennisProView in Europe and with Sports2i of Korea for the distribution rights of QuesTec’s PitchTrax production services in Korea and Japan. The company also designed, developed and managed the Umpire Information System for the Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball.

Ed believes that everyday brings new challenges and opportunities, as he continues to adapt to living and working with blindness. He is often inspired and humbled by the actions of others who face physical challenges and also by the kindness of strangers. His hope is that by sharing his talents and experiences, it will help others know and realize that with the proper training, support, and attitude, the world is accessible and available to us all.

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