Mark Ramnauth

co-founder, co-president & director
Mark Ramnauth has been working in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation for over 25 years. His life’s work has been focused on helping individuals find alternative ways to work after a disability. Mark is legally blind from juvenile Macula Degeneration – Stargardts disease. He credits much of his personal success to having been lucky to immigrate to the US from Guyana. He believes that the “can do” attitudes of Americans, strong institutions and very helpful people all combined to help him to succeed and have a very satisfying career.

In 2006, Mr. Ramnauth became nationally licensed as a Disability Advocate and has been representing claimants at hearings to secure their benefits. He has since transitioned to management and now doing less clinical work. Mark has been sought after as a speaker by organizations such as the National Association of Disability Representatives, Legal Services of New York, The International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, local universities, library for the blind, American Conference Institute and National Organization of Social Security Claimant’s Representative.

Although, Mr. Ramnauth has been involved with hundreds of successful vocational rehabilitation cases, he sees his future work as giving back and making things even better for people with disabilities. Minority groups tend to pay more for equal access to society and AccessQuest is a venture that seeks to reach more vision impaired folks and introduce free or inexpensive top notch training. Partnering with Ed Plumacher on this initiative promises to deliver on some well established needs.

Despite the severe vision loss which prevents driving, seeing faces and reading, he is an avid ballroom and tango dancer. It is his opinion that the “pursuit of happiness” is not emphasized enough.

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