blindINsight – Impacting Lives, With The Power Of We

At the end of September, I had the good fortune to have a brief, random encounter with a remarkable individual. What started as a simple gesture of kindness, an offer to assist me while attempting to cross a busy intersection, quickly evolved into an inspiring sequence of events.

On this day, I was running behind schedule, and found myself on the corner of 31st St. & 7th Ave., in New York City, much later then usual. As is often the case, I received an offer for assistance from a kind stranger. As this was an intersection I am very familiar with, I declined his offer, and thanked him for his kind gesture. As I started across the street, this stranger with the British accent was walking and talking along side me as I tapped a path, and navigated my way to my office.

Within a couple of blocks, we managed to exchange names, pleasantries and a real connection for sharing, caring and impacting lives. The gentleman I met is Leon Logothetis, world traveler, television host, author and all around nice guy. His latest project, #GoBeKind, is a journey across America, seeking out those who care enough to share and give of themselves.

As much as Leon’s life and story intrigue me, it was evident that he felt the same about mine. He asked if I would share some of my story on camera, and I agreed. As an advocate for disability and blindness awareness, what better way to reach and communicate that point then with the crew of camera men and audio engineers that appeared to come out of nowhere.

Below is the article and video of our encounter, and my inclusion in Leon Logothetis and Trivago’s #GoBeKind project. After our meeting, I read Leon’s book, “The Kindness Diaries”, a remarkable and inspiring story of one man’s determination to circumnavigate the globe, solely on the generosity and kindness of strangers.

#GoBeKind: Sparking A Contagious Chain Reaction Of Kindness