The mission of AccessQuest is to help individuals overcome perceived barriers and restrictions associated with their disability. Our AQ training methodology is designed to educate and assist legally blind, visually impaired, and print challenged individuals to access and use assistive technology such as smart phones, tablets and computers.With proper training and rehabilitation, assistive technology allows those impacted with disabilities to improve their independence,their safety and their functional ability where they live, learn, work, and socialize.

How We Can Help

We have developed a unique training method which we provide FREE OF CHARGE. Legally blind and visually challenged individuals can access our AQ training modules via downloadable Apps, as well as from our online Learning Center, in both audio, and print formats. Our print materials can be easily downloaded and converted to Braille, if needed. Our modules are comprised of short “learning bytes” designed to encourage practice and rapid learning, while minimizing frustration. Our audio podcasts create a dynamic learning system that is easy to update as technology improves and changes. Our initial assistive technology tutorials are created for blind, low vision and print challenged Apple iPhone VoiceOver users. Additional VoiceOver tutorials for iPad and iPod Touch are planned for release later this year.